It’s Your Daily Habits That Propel You Toward Success

The process really is more important than the destination — and that process requires consistency, frequency, and discipline.

S. Kaur
4 min readDec 28, 2020


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I was journaling this morning, watching the sun rise over the mountains on an already-smog-hazy horizon.

My pajama pants fit loosely around me, and I snuggled into a sweatshirt that was too tight six months ago. I’m over 15 pounds lighter than I was at the start of 2020. My reflection on the computer screen sitting blankly next to me shows clear skin, a more defined jaw line, longer hair.

I scribble my plans for the day into my journal, including the work I need to do for the part-time corporate gig I scored from my summer MBA internship.

My calves vaguely ache from the nine-mile run I completed yesterday morning, a run that kicked off an other-wise lazy Sunday that included carne asada french fries and peppermint cupcakes, a few hours of the show “Black-ish,” and a hell of a lot of snuggling with my partner.

Reflecting back on 2020, I’m pretty stunned by how much I’ve accomplished. How much I’ve survived, how much I’ve grown, and how much I’ve experienced.

Before I dive into the heart of my point, I want to first list out some of my major accomplishments, to add credence to my claims. This year, I

  1. Lost 17 pounds and have kept it off for 6 months (I’m 5'3, so this is a remarkable amount).
  2. Went from running half a mile (and feeling like I was dying) to running ten miles with a 10:30 min/mile pace.
  3. Successfully completed a 9-week consulting project that has scored a 6-figure job opportunity to begin Spring 2021.
  4. Experienced major breakthroughs in my relationship
  5. Was invited to speak at a workshop led by a dietetics organization (and was paid well for my time).

I list all of the above accomplishments not to brag (I worked my a*s off for the past year), but to show you that what I’m about to say is rooted in my own personal success experience.

It hasn’t all been sunshine and roses, and part of the power of my advice is the…



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